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The XXI century will be a сentury either of total all-embracing crisis or of moral and spiritual healing that will reinvigorate humankind. It is my conviction that all of us - all reasonable political leaders, all spiritual and ideological movements, all  faiths - must help in this transition to a triumph of humanism and justice, in making the XXI century a century of a new human renaissance.

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Publications, statements, interviews

9 February 2010 Mikhail Gorbachev. Soviet Lessons From Afghanistan The New York Times, 04.02.2010
17 December 2009 Mikhail Gorbachev. We Have a Real Emergency The New York Times, 09.12.2009
4 December 2009 Failure in Copenhagen would be ''catastrophic risk'': Gorbachev Spacedaily // 3.12.2009
10 November 2009 Mikhail Gorbachev.Tear down this wall! And save the planet The Times, 9.11.2009
10 November 2009 Gorbachev warns against walls of mistrust in Europe RIA Novosti // 6.11.2009
6 November 2009 Mikhail Gorbachev. Now Clear Away the Rubble of the Wall The New York Times // 2.11.2009 By MIKHAIL GORBACHEV
20 October 2009 Democracy in Russia a ''mockery'': Gorbachev AFP // 19.10.2009
24 September 2009 Mikhail Gorbachev. Two First Steps on Nuclear Weapons By MIKHAIL GORBACHEV The New York Times // 24.09.2009
24 September 2009 U.S.-Russia cooperation can save world from nuke threat - Gorbachev RIA Novosti // 24.09.2009