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The XXI century will be a сentury either of total all-embracing crisis or of moral and spiritual healing that will reinvigorate humankind. It is my conviction that all of us - all reasonable political leaders, all spiritual and ideological movements, all  faiths - must help in this transition to a triumph of humanism and justice, in making the XXI century a century of a new human renaissance.

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Awards and honors

Mikhail Gorbachev's Decorations


State decorations of the USSR 


  • Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1949),
  • Three orders of Lenin
  • Order of October Revolution (1987),
  • Order "Badge of Honor" (1967)
  • medals and institutional awards of the USSR СССР


International state decorations


  • Polish Sejm Silver Medal for outstanding contribution to international cooperation, friendship and interaction between Poland and the USSR (Poland, June 1988)
  • St. Agatha Grand Cross (San Marino, 1994)
  • Grand Cross of Freedom (Portugal, 1995)
  • Grand Cross, special class of the Order of Merit (Germany, November 1999)
  • Order of the White Lion with a ribbon (Czech Republic, 1999)
  • Order of Christopher Columbus with Grand Gold Cross (the Dominican Republic, July 2001) 



International and national awards: 


  •  Nobel Peace Prize  (October 15, 1990) 
  • 1987 Indira Gandhi Award (conferred on November 19, 1988, India)
  • Golden Dove of Peace for contribution to peace and disarmament (the pacifist organization Italian Center of Documentation on Disarmament and the National League of Cooperatives, Rome, November 1989)
  • Albert Einstein Award for contribution to peace and mutual understanding among peoples (Washington, D.C., June 1990)
  • Historic Leader Award by the US influential religious organization, Appeal of Conscience Foundation (Washington, D.C., June 1990)
  • 1991 Martin Luther King International Peace Award "For a Non-Violent World" for contribution to world peace and human rights (Washington, D.C., June 1990)
  • Fiuggi International Award (Fiuggi Foundation of Italy); as "a personality whose political and public activity sets an outstanding example of work to promote human rights" (Italy, 1990)
  • Albert Schweitzer Award, Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation (USA, 1992)
  • Benjamin M. Cardoso Award "For Democracy" (Yeshiva University of New York, USA, 1992)
  • Sir Winston Churchill Award to recognize contribution to peace in the Middle East (UK, 1993)
  • La Pleiade Award (Piacenza, Italy, 1993)
  • International Journalist and Literary Award (Modena, Italy, 1993)
  • Hero of the Year Award by the Association of Small and Medium Businesses of Bologna (Bologna, Italy, 1993)
  • Golden Pegasus International Award (Toscana, Italy, 1994)
  • University of Genoa Award (Italy, 1995)
  • King David Award (USA, 1997)
  • Enron Award by the Baker Institute for outstanding service to society (Houston, USA, 1997)
  • Wecha Award by "Politika" weekly (Poland, 1997)
  • Budapest Club Award (Frankfurt, Germany, 1997)
  • Komet Award (Germany, 1998)
  • International Women's Zionist Organization (Miami, USA, 1998)
  • National Liberty Award for effort against oppression (Memphis, USA, 1998)
  • Terracina City Award (Institute of Russian Language and Culture, Terracina, Italy, 1999)
  • Reconciliation National Award (Friends for Reconciliation, Italy, 1999)
  • Giorgio La Pira Award for Culture and Peace (Italy, 1999)
  • Ritualis Award (Italy, 1999)
  • Marsala Association for Cultural Studies “Piano Friends” Award (Marsala, Italy, 1999)
  • Russian National Olympus award with the highest public title "The Era Man" granted (2000)
  • Aleksandr Men’ Award (2000)
  • St Valentine’s Award (Italy, 2001)
  • Carlos V award (Yuste Monastery, Spain, June 3, 2002)
  • Steiermark for Humanism Award (Austria, 2003)
  • EUROPA TOUR Award (Bonn, Germany, 2003)
  • Civil Award for Peace-enforcement (San Diego, USA, 2004)
  • Global Leadership Award (USA, 2004)
  • BILD-OSGAR Award (Leipzig, Germany, 2005)
  • Radio Roegenbogen  Award (Germany, 2005)
  • Checkpoint Alpha Award (Ehrfurt, Germany, 2005)
  • Augsburg Peace Prize (Augsburg, Germany, 2005)
  • Athenagoras Award (New York, USA, 2005)
  • Dr. Friedrich Josef Haas Award (Berlin, 2007)
  • "Prominence" Award (2008)
  • Moscow International European Award in the category "Politics and Civil Society" (2008)
  • Quadriga Award (Berlin, 2009)
  • Dresden Award (Germany, 2010)
  • ITA Publishers Golden Bridge Award (2010)

Awards from  international and national public organizations


  • Memorial Golden Medal of Belgrade (Yugoslavia, March 1988)
  • Memorial Medal of Sorbonne (Paris, July 1989)
  • Memorial Medal of Rome Municipality (November 1999)
  • Vatican Memorial Medal (December 1, 1989)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Liberty Medal (Washington, D.C., June 1990)
  • Hero Star, Ben Gurion University (Israel, 1992)
  • Gold Medal, Prometheus National Technological University of Athens (Greece, 1993)
  • Gold Medal of Thessaloniki (Greece, 1993)
  • Philadelphia Council for World Problems, International Statesman Award (USA, 1993)
  • Gold Badge, University of Oviedo (Spain, 1994)
  • Simon Bolivar Grand Cross for Unity and Liberty, Latin American Unity Association in Korea (Korea, 1994)
  • Memorial Medal "Gate of Freedom" to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Jewish emigration from the former USSR (Israel Bonds Corporation, New York, 1998)
  • Induction into the International Academy of Achievement (2000)
  • Netania Academic College Award (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2003)
  • World Georgaphic Society awards (Barcelona, Spain, 2004) 


Honorary academic degrees


  • Autonomous University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain, October 1990)
  • Complutence Unviersity (Madrid, Spain, 1990) 
  • Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Ph.D in political sciences (Moscow, 1991)
  • Stanford University (USA, 1992)
  • University of Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1992)
  • University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina, 1992)
  • C. Mendes University (Brazil, 1992)
  • University of Chile (Chile, 1992)
  • University of Anahuac (Mexico, 1992)
  • Bar Illan University (Israel, 1992)
  • Ben Gurion University (Israel, 1992)
  • Emory University (Atlanta, USA, 1992)
  • University of VIrginia (USA, 1993)
  • Jepson School of Leadership Studies (Richmond, USA, 1993)
  • Pandyon University (Pyreus, Greece, 1993)
  • Institute of International Law and International Relations, Aristotelian University (Thessalonike, Greece, 1993)
  • School of Law, Aristotelian University (Thessaloniki, Greece, 1993)
  • University of Bristol (UK, 1993)
  • University of Calgary (Canada, 1993)
  • Carlton University (Canada, 1993)
  • Soka Gakkai International (President Ikeda) (Japan, 1993)
  • Kung Khi University (Korea, 1995)
  • University of Durnham (UK, 1995)
  • Modern University of Lisbon (Portugal, 1995)
  • Soka University (Japan, 1997)
  • University of Tromso (Norway, 1998)
  • Russian State Humanitarian University (Moscow, 2001)
  • Dubling Trinity College (Ireland, Dublin, 2002)
  • University of Sofia (Bulgaria, Sofia, 2002)
  • Brown University (Providence, USA, 2003)
  • Nihon University (Japan, 2003)
  • University of Las Vegas (USA, 2004)
  • Westphalian Wilhelms-University of Munster (Munster, Germany, 2005)
  • Bethany College (Lindsburg, USA, 2005) 


Mikhail Gorbachev is an honorary citizen of:


  • Berlin (West Germany, 1992)
  • Aberdeen (UK, 1993)
  • Piraeus (Greece, 1993)
  • Florence (Italy, 1994)
  • Sesto San Giovanni (Italy, 1995)
  • Kardamyla (Island of Chios, Greece, 1995)
  • El Paso (Key of the City) (USA, 1998)
  • Terni (Italy, 2001)
  • Dublin (Ireland, 2002)
  • Quito (Ecuador, 2004) 



Silvia Mercado, historian, journalist sent for her essay (in Spanish). Written by her after reading the book by William Taubman "Gorbachev. His Life and Times" (2017) Since 2012, Silvia Mercado coordinates RELIAL, the only Liberal Network of Latin America with a presence in 17 countries, through 42 organizations in the region. 5 May 2021
On January 20, Joe Biden will be sworn in as America’s 46th President. The Soviet Union’s first president, Mikhail Gorbachev, has met with him on many occasions. In an interview with TASS, the ex-Soviet leader shared his opinion on the future of Russian-US ties under the new US head of state, the prospects of extending the New START deal, and the weight of speculation on “US hegemony” in world politics 20 January 2021
The past year 2020 proved to be a challenging one for the entire world due to the new coronavirus. Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev spoke in an interview with RIA Novosti about the impact of the pandemic on his life, the outlook for international relations and his expectations of Joe Biden’s presidency. 13 January 2021

Gorbachev in the news media