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The XXI century will be a сentury either of total all-embracing crisis or of moral and spiritual healing that will reinvigorate humankind. It is my conviction that all of us - all reasonable political leaders, all spiritual and ideological movements, all  faiths - must help in this transition to a triumph of humanism and justice, in making the XXI century a century of a new human renaissance.

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5 октября 2017

The Expertise Round Table. Perception of Russia across the East and West: Memory, Identity and Conflicts. International Study of Images of Russia across Eurasia: Results and Discussion


On 5 October 2017, as part of the Expertise Round Table series, the Gorbachev Foundation hosted the round table discussion themed "Perception of Russia across the East and West: Memory, Identity and Conflicts". The event focused on the presentation of the results of an international study of images of Russia across Eurasia.

Speakers at the round table included:Igor Savin, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Moscow, Russia (Perceptions of Russia as a resource by Kazakh citizens (based on the findings of the 2016–2017 studies in Petropavlovsk and Almaty));

Andrzej Wierzbicki, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland (Xenophobia, ethnophobia, and racism against Russians in Polish historical consciousness);

Teemu Oivo, Pirjo Pöllänen, the Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland (Multilayered bordering at a vertical border);

Olga Bronnikova, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France (Soviet history as “own” history? Narratives of the Soviet past among left-wing political activists in France);

Irina Kaunenko, Institute of Cultural Heritage, the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Chișinău, Moldova (Perception of Russia in the Republic of Moldova: Intergenerational and ethnocultural aspects).

Speakers at the discussion included:  Andrei Ryabov (the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO)), Sergey Utkin (IMEMO), Igor Zadorin (ZIRCON Research Group), and Olga Zdravomyslova (the Gorbachev Foundation), Igor Zadorin (CIRCON).

Hosting the round table was Natalia Kosmarskaya (Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS), team leader of the study “Perception of Russia across the East and West: Memory, Identity and Conflicts".